ECG Highlights

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― Roy Bennett

We will be regularly uploading a ECG here for you all to have a look at and diagnose what is happening from the ECG. Please feel free to provide us with your thoughts and any feedback relating to the ECG’s or the website.



This 60-year-old male presented to ED with one hour of central chest pain. He thought it was acid reflux but his was worried because he didn’t look alright at all, so she drove him to the nearest ED. Sometime during the journey enroute to the ED, his pain resolved and he felt fine at the time of recording this ECG. He actually wanted to go home and see his GP the next day.
What are your thoughts? Is there anything abnormal seen on this ECG? How worried are you about this patient?
If you are not quite sure, please click on the answer section for more discussion about this case scenario and the ECG findings!


ECG 1.
This is an ECG from an elderly patient who presented with history of “collapse” at home twice before being brought in by ambulance. The patient subsequently arrested in ED again. Carefully look at the ECG and see if you can possibly interpret what is going on? Why do you think the patient “collapsed” and why do you think they arrested?
And if you would like to go a step further (or a step back from an intervention point of view), do you think the subsequent arrest could have been possibly averted? If yes, why? And likewise, if no, why?
Try to answer without looking at the explanation. But if you can’t be sure what’s going on, click on the answer link.